About Us

Undivided Attention.
Abounding Dedication.
Assured Results.

We are DNP

Rest assured, work with us

and be convinced you are our high contrast client, partner & friend.

dot n pixel, fondly also known as dnp, is a full spectrum digital service agency. Incepted in 2008, dnp has its roots in Warsaw, Poland as well as branches in Ahmedabad, India and Sydney, Australia encompassing a global client outreach to all the major continents.

By blending your insights with updated technology, we believe it’s all in the dots and pixels of your ideas and our approach that shapes your ideas to an all rounded pixel perfect business.

Our approach is simply to deliver handcrafted, multidisciplinary, interactive, innovative and productive solutions for you.

With Complex agendas but simplified deliverables our family of experts pay heed to all your requirements and make a difference that empowers your awe-inspiring ideas.

We offer you so much more than just credibility because our aim is to deliver beyond limits within strategic timelines. We love what we do, We do only what we love and endeavour to make the magic happen!

Our Team

Creativity is not just a tool, for us it is a way of life.

Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making of something out of it after it is found

With the unique blend of communication, design and experience in the application of a wide range of technical knowledge we are well equipped with the ability to see the potential that you offer and how our services can all roundedly furnish your vision.

With years of experience, our family of experts offer you the kind of credibility that is nothing less than pixel perfect.

Here at dnp we keep it simple, with a proper work division and clear timelines which in turn avails the opportunity of having reliable company, in contrast to just work colleagues, amongst any storm of challenges that we take up as one single entity!

Everybody is available to anyone in the team, who needs the help or guidance with a problem, curtailing hierarchy from disrupting the seamless flow of creativity and innovation, but as all functional families there is a background of chores as work division and bitter-sweet but straight bouncing of opinions and advice where and when needed.

We believe that our clients are our extended family, Welcome to the family!

Our Clients

Our extended family

of satisfied clients are scattered all over the world and have been a part of making us who we are from the very beginning.

Lyca Mobile
Marks and spencer
Indian Meble
Zed Accounting Services Pty Ltd.
Mr India
Carte d'or Cafe
Logo Placeholder
C2R Projects
Bombay Bazaar
Brooklyn Restaurant & Bar
Busy Baby Book
Australian Nursing
BeauTY - Studio Urody
Bollywood Lounge
Dolce Amaro
Donna Fashions
Grill Inn
JML Marketings Pvt. Ltd.
JnG International
Our Process

Simple, Compatible and Sorted.

Our process revolves around these words.

Step 1 : Analysing

Here we analyse your target audience and after a thorough research, we make a distinct list of to-do's and success criteria attached to it.

Step 2 : Brewing

Information is brewed and customized according to your needs and is placed at all the correct corners of our thinking process

Step 3 : Creating

We let all our creative juices flow and create a random design, put ourselves in your shoes; the sole purpose of which is getting the touch and feel of the idea that we need to develop on.

Step 4 : Setting a path

A very important aspect of our process is that we follow SCRUM based sprint cycles with releases within one week. Together we decide the duration of the sprint cycles for the particular product giving you a realistic estimate of the time frame for the finished product.

Step 5 : Carving the Vessel

Development commences and our experts come out and present their magic with the skills to develop the product. All the products are well documented for your convenience.

Step 6 : Gauging and Launching

After development is done for a sprint cycle the testing of the covered features of the product is thoroughly tested by our Quality assurance team,this iterates till the launch is successfully completed.

Step 7 : Optimizing and Supporting

Feel like you still need us post the launch, Don't worry we got you covered.